Tristan Wolfe Identity Theft

Brighton Fringe 2022

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Tristan Wolfe brings his brand new one-man show to Brighton Fringe. He says “it should be comedy, but that’s subjective, so if you laugh, then it’s comedy, and we can all go home happy afterwards. However, if you don’t laugh, then welcome to the premier of some hopefully thought-provoking monologues that may stimulate an interesting conversation on the way home!”.

The following characters from the village of Winbagge-on-Sea will possibly making a appearance. the infamous Captain Impervious, a sea-faring raconteur and expert bumbler; Archie F. Balderdash, export minister,gets everything properly sorted and salted; and Tarquin Churchmouse from Holy Smoke Saints, who is threatening to pull out all the stops and bring his impressive organ.

There will also be section where Tristan reflects back on things, like how on earth he ended up doing this, or even performing at all, since he used to have severe stage fright for many years, and would never have dreamed of doing this, his first ever solo show.

Tristan Wolfe has previously written and produced the plays “Finding Yourself Offside”in 2018 and “The Hunters of Ghost Hall”, ★ ★ ★ ★ “a hilarious hour-long play… ”, in 2019. 

This is a Work In Progress.

Caxton Arms, 36 North Gardens, Brighton BN1 3LB

Monday 30th May 8pm

Wednesday 1st June 6.45pm

Saturday 4th June 8pm

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Tickets available now – click here!